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Saffron was borne out of a compromise between a father and his kid.

She wanted to read at night and he wanted her to sleep. So he dreamt up Drift Light, an LED light bulb which mimics the subtle fade of a sunset to promote quality sleep.

Now Saffron is all about making the world a brighter place,

with beautiful, efficient, smart LED lighting.

We’re suckers for form

and we have a love-hate relationship with the lampshades that obscure our creations. We’re into function too. We create long-lasting LED light bulbs that pay for themselves in energy savings.

When we say we build smart lights,

we mean that we’re exploring all the unobvious ways in which lighting can make life easier or better—bulbs like the Drift Light help us get better sleep, or the Sense Light which turns itself on at dusk and off at dawn—and we make them very easy to use.

See how saffron can improve your home.

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Customer support for Saffron is currently handled by the friendly and knowledgable team at Sewell Direct.

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